The Benefits of a Writing Coach

A professional writing coach is someone with whom you can consult, ask questions and receive constructive feedback. They act as a guide as you build your career as a professional writer. A coach can help you conquer a stumbling block, regain momentum or make a start on a new project. My program helps you progress as a writer. You decide what you want to work on during a personalized, one on one... read more

What’s it all about? An excerpt from The Time Traveler’s Guide

“The Time Traveler’s Guide is a great resource for any writer wanting to improve their craft.”   Chapter One: What is time travel? Time travel is defined as taking place when there is movement between specific points in time. This is achieved in the same way that objects and living things move through space. In fiction, this kind of travel is made possible by the use of a time machine,... read more

Konn Lavery’s Free Newsletter Exclusive Dark Fantasy Novel: World Mother Ascension

Today, my guest is Canadian author Konn Lavery. We had him on the blog last year for his novel, Crystal Moth Conspiracy. He talked about writing a prequel in that interview. This dark fantasy novel is it. Welcome back, Konn. Tell us about your new novel, World Mother Ascension. Thanks for having me, Simon! A quick one-sentence pitch would be: The last balancer of the Grove, Synarion, must stop the queen of... read more

Writing Workshops and Study Guides

Writing Workshops and Study Guides  My writing guide entitled Where Do Ideas Come From? examines how my novels The Alchemist’s Portrait, The Sorcerer’s Letterbox, The Clone Conspiracy, The Emerald Curse, The Heretic’s Tomb, The Doomsday Mask, The Time Camera, and The Sphere of Septimus can be used to create workshops and creative writing exercises for the classroom. These include writing time... read more

The Stone of the Seer – Where Magic and Historical Fiction Collide

The Stone of the Seer is an exciting historical fantasy series of adventure novels for young adults, primarily set in the turbulent era of the English Civil War. “Magic and Historical Fiction Collide – This book combines historical fiction with a world of magic. It is set in the period of the English Civil War and incorporates magic, mystery and witch hunting. This book engages the reader with... read more

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