“Calgary writer Simon Rose is back with The Emerald Curse, his strongest middle-grade novel yet … Fast-paced and well-plotted, elementary students are sure to love it.” The Calgary Herald

“This fourth book by Simon Rose is as good and fast paced a read as his first three. Page turning tension with a resourceful and intrepid hero … and sure to please any child who likes fantasy, science fiction and comics.” Smartwriters

“Rose has very carefully crafted his book to imitate the surrealist feel of comic books … With fantastic creatures, a damsel in distress and solid action, this book will especially appeal to young males.” University of Manitoba CM Magazine

“This fantasy adventure with its use of comic-book themes and characters will entice a reader who enjoys larger-than-life villains and mighty clashes between good and evil. There is plenty of tension and suspense in the plot as well as creative descriptions of the incredible characters that inhabit the fantasy world. The illustrations are dark and complement the sinister atmosphere of a world where evil forces have taken charge. The Emerald Curse is a very well written and appealing adventure book. Highly recommended.” Canadian Children’s Literature

“I have not had the pleasure of reading other books by Simon Rose and it has definitely been my loss. I was immediately hooked into the story and was held captive by the characters, plot, and wonderful energy felt throughout the book. Wow!  … This book is a great way to introduce a child to the genre of fantasy. Even though the main characters are male, girls will also enjoy it. The illustrations were terrific and I wish more had been included throughout the story. I highly recommend this book and am sure that whoever reads it will want to read the other books written by this author.” Children’s Literature Review

Reader Comments

“I bought your book The Emerald Curse and it is brilliant and I can’t wait for your next one to come out.”

“You make me get a picture in my head like what’s happening in the story.”

“I like your book very much especially your writing style because its exciting, funny and most of all GREAT!”

“You make me want to read more of your books and write my own books just like yours!”

“There is a lot of action and excitement in your books you also make me want to recommend your book to everyone I know.”

“Thank you for writing this book Simon Rose”