Sources of Inspiration

The Sphere of SeptimusHere are some details and links regarding the sources of inspiration and the story behind the story of The Sphere of Septimus. You can also learn more about the inspiration for the story on Pinterest.

Middle Wogglehole

The fictional village of Middle Wogglehole has existed for more than a thousand years and is located in rural Derbyshire in the United Kingdom. The village and its houses, church and other buildings are based on those in this part of England. The ruined castle on the hill overlooking the village and surrounding area is also inspired by numerous similar structures that exist in the country.

The Derbyshire Peak District

Middle Wogglehole is located in the Peak District, the United Kingdom’s first national park. Much of the park is located in northern Derbyshire but also encompasses parts of the other surrounding counties. The Peak District is an area of natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, including moors, dales, rivers, springs, caverns, market towns, picturesque villages, and historic buildings. The area is popular with visitors all year round.

The Land of Koronada

Koronada is the setting for the fantasy adventure that takes place in The Sphere of SeptimusThe style of the map was inspired by the many depictions of different fantasy kingdoms in novels, stories, video games and other locations. These include Narnia in The Chronicles of Narnia, Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Westeros in Game of Thrones, and a number of others. Some of these are featured on the Pinterest board related to sources of inspiration for The Sphere of Septimus

Myths and Legends

The village of Middle Wogglehole is referred to as the most magical place in England. The history of the area, along with myths and legends, form part of the story in The Sphere of Septimus. Mythological creatures and legendary characters also inspired the creation of the fictional inhabitants of Koronada where much of the adventure takes place. The mythology of Ancient Egypt and the legend of the god Anubis was one of the sources of inspiration for the story and it’s characters.