“If the government found another world, a parallel Earth, would you support them in exploring all they could about it without question? We would probably have TONS of questions!! A question that would seem likely would be, do I have another one of me on the other side? What if it was inhabitable? No water, no food? What if it was a better world than the one that we live in today? All of these concepts are really interesting to think about right?! Rose continues a journey of survival with Into the Web, the second installment in the Shadowzone Series.

Charlie and Ben are now with the Greens, an organization bent against saving the world that appears to be beyond saving, especially since the Ministry has taken over with a mind control drug. Charlie and Ben have traveled over to the parallel Earth—Ben’s world—in the hopes of locating and rescuing his parents. They are one of the only hopes left for Charlie’s world to counteract the virus that is meant to kill all of the inhabitants of Ben’s parallel Earth. Barely escaping with their lives, Ben and Charlie come back through the intragate prototype to discover that Ben’s parents have been separated by another power source interference. Now, not only do they need to find the virus before the Ministry gets their intragate up and working, they have to figure out how to get into the Ministry building with what little resources they have left. What seems like a suicide mission, ends up to be a miracle—as an unlikely alliance forms between the Greens and an underground group of people known as the Subrads. Can their plan to destroy the Ministry building work? And if they get there, would they be able to find Ben’s mom in time or will they be captured in the process?

Rose has an interesting story with some original and creative concepts about a parallel Earth. With the world ending as they know it, everyone is in full panic and Rose conveys this sense of urgency fairly well. In Into the Web, Rose dives a little deeper into some of the characters stories and what led them up to this point. The pace is fast and steady, allowing the book to be an easy page turner and the cover also draws attention to the relevance of the story-line. If you are a reader of science fiction, action and adventure, and young adult dystopian fiction, you may thoroughly enjoy this light read. This installment continues right where the previous one ended; therefore, it is recommended for readers to begin with Shadowzone before jumping into this one.”

Turning Another Page, July 2019

“Time travel, alternate worlds, and societal sub-cultures are blended into a great plot, and a gripping and relevant read. The environmental stewardship aspect of this story echoes our current day challenges, as do the almost prescient references to a dangerous virus. Characters were well drawn and the reader is cheering for their success. The three books in the series flow smoothly together. A great read for middle school ages and up, to both engage interest and build vocabulary. Highly recommend this series!”

Amazon, July 2020

“Into the Web is the second book in the Shadowzone series. Like the first it is action packed and will leave the reader wanting more. This time Ben and Charlie find themselves mixed up in a plot to prevent one world from taking over another. Ben discovers the truth about his parents and has to act to save his mum. To top it all off people start to believe Ben is the chosen one. His presence gives people hope in their doomed world, but makes Ben feel even more confused. Once again Simon Rose has delivered a fast paced, action book with likable characters and a believable plot.”

Ashley Howland and Amazon, October 2017

“This is the second book of this series written by one of my favourite young adult authors. After finishing book one, I could not wait to start this one, I was not disappointed a great story with good character structure and as usual well written. The storyline kept me focused until the very end where it left me wanting to read the next book in the series.”

Amazon, Kobo, and Professor Owl’s Book Corner, November 2017