Main image 16Here are some of the more recent interviews that have appeared on websites, magazines, and blogs online.

Interview at Book Reader Magazine, March 2022.
Guest interview with The Irreverent Muse, March 2022
Interview about The Stone of Seer with multi-genre author Mandy Eve-Barnett, March 2022
Interview on The Stone of the Seer with author Nina Munteanu, March 2022

An interview with Konn Lavery, author of dark fantasy, horror, and thriller novels, February 2022

Podcast chat on The Worldshapers, February 2022

Author interview at Awesome Gang, February 2022

The Stone of the Seer interview with fantasy and historical fiction author, Judith Starkston, February 2022

Smashwords – Author Interview

The Shadowzone series

Parallel Destiny at Writers and Authors, October 2018

Marketing and Coffee Live, September 2018

Parallel Destiny and the Flashback series

The Children’s Writer’s Guide 2 at Writers and Authors, April 2018

Author interview with Mandy Eve-Barnett, June 2018 

The Children’s Writer’s Guide 2, February, 2018

Shadowzone series interview at Writers and Authors, November 2017

The Shadowzone series in The Calgary Herald, November 2017

The Writing Greyhound – The Shadowzone series, November 2017

Interview with Thunder Bay Public Library, November 2017

Interviews With Writers, October 2017

My Book Place interview, October 2017

Learn all about the Shadowzone series

Featured Author Simon Rose: The Shadowzone series – Book Reader Magazine

Interviews about Shadowzone, Twisted Fate, and Future Imperfect

Author interview at Smashwords

What is the Shadowzone?

Author interview at Writers and Authors

The new novel, Twisted Fate

Timely interview with Author Simon Rose

Welcome to Simon Rose and Future Imperfect

My Book Place interview, February 2016

Featured Author Simon Rose: Flashback – Book Reader Magazine

Author Interview: Simon Rose with Douglas Smith

Author Interview: Simon Rose with Ashley Howland

The Brain of a Children’s Author


And here are a few interviews and profiles from several years ago.

The Story of a Writer Interview with Simon Rose
Simon Rose Interview Guest Author Simon Rose
Meet Children’s Author Simon Rose Q & A with author Simon Rose
Interview with Canadian children’s author Simon Rose Simon Rose: Guest Author Today
Interview with Canadian children’s author Simon Rose


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