Reviews and Testimonials

Teachers and Librarians

“Thanks again for your visit – I have had fantastic feedback and your books are flying off the shelves!”

“The students were very, very excited to share about the visit and all your books are on a waiting list. Again, thanks for a great job.”

“It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Thanks for touching the lives of so many children.”

“Simon – thank you. Our students loved your presentation – the manner in which you present, and the information you provided them with. Thank you so much for reinforcing the work we do in schools. Hearing from a real ‘live’ author is one of the best experiences our students can have. I found you to be so friendly, so easy to get along with; I loved your sense of humour and really appreciated your classroom management skills.”

“I’m glad you came. I can assure you that, not only the children but the teachers as well, had a wonderful time listening to you!”

“Thank you for coming to the school. We enjoyed your visit and hearing about how books are written and edited and put together. At least a few of the kids here are already very interested in writing a book!”

“Thanks for the positive presence you provided and for helping the students focus on the power of writing.”

“I have heard so many wonderful comments from the staff about your presentation. We certainly enjoyed having you here.”

“Great! Thanks for coming in – it was really great to have you and we were very happy to see that you’re such a great speaker, too!”

“We really enjoyed having you, and the kids have been reading your books ever since.”

“The children had a great time listening to you. I don’t think they wanted to leave!”

“We thank you for coming to our school. The students and teachers are still talking about your visit! Be sure to let us know when we can expect another great novel from you.”

“The children came in this morning looking for your books to take out to read. Great Stuff!! I love seeing their enthusiasm.”

“Thanks Simon! The kids loved your visit and snapped up your books this week at book exchange time. We’ve ordered the book about the tower and the princes as we have had requests for it too!”

“Your contribution to children’s literacy is most enjoyable! Keep inspiring those young minds … priceless!”

“Thank you so much for coming to our school and helping our students to desire to learn more. Our class are enjoying our journey through your first book. There are days when some almost beg me to keep reading instead of all going out to play. That’s impressive!”

“Thank you for the superb job you did of storytelling and speaking to students. I enjoyed very much the time you spent with us and your amazing approach to the world of storytelling. I have received glowing comments from the students.”

“The librarian was impressed at how quiet and attentive the children were, always a good indication of the quality of the presentation”

“Thank you for the great presentations. Feedback from the teachers is very positive. The students really enjoyed the presentation and were very interested in your work.”

“Thank you so much for the effort you put into making the morning special for the kids.”

“I would not hesitate in recommending Simon Rose for a visit to your school or library. He was a pleasure to spend the morning with in our school”

“It was a pleasure to have you and the students really enjoyed your visit.”

“Thanks again for coming out to our school to share your book. The feedback from teachers and students was very positive, and all were amazed to see your manuscript.”

Student Comments

“Thank you for coming to our school. I really enjoyed your presentation and your books are FANTASTIC! You’re the greatest author ever!”

“Thank you for coming to our school to share your ideas for your books. I learned that being an author is really hard work. I think you are a great author and hope you finish all your books”

“Thank you for reading to us. I want to get all your books and bet the next ones are even better”

“It was an honour to see you at our school. You are very nice and funny. I think I might try to become an author like you because it sounds challenging and very much fun”

“It was fun having you in our school and I hope you come again next year”

“Thank you for doing such a good job at explaining how to be a writer. I think you are a fantastic writer”

“Thank you for putting on a wonderful show. I think you story is cool”

“I really enjoyed your presentation. I learned a lot about how fun it can be to write a story”

“I hope you have a great time writing your books and hope that I am like you if an author is what I will become later on”

“Thank you for coming to visit our school. Most authors just come in and talk about their book, but you told us how many drafts you had and we made characters together.”

“It was the first time I have ever met and author live It was very exciting.”

“I thought it was really neat to meet a real author because someday I want to be an author as well. Thank you for coming to my school. I will never forget it.”

“I’m writing this letter because I think you are a great writer. I was wondering if you would make as many books as JK Rowling?”

“I hope you come and talk about your other books and how you make them. Your books are the best.”

“It was nice to have you come to our school. I would like to be an author when I grow up.”

“Thank you for coming. I think you should try and get an author award.”

“Your presentation was great. You were excellent. When you should us the process of making a book, I thought it looked really neat.”

“Your books are awesome and I hope you write another one soon.”

“You are always welcome at our school. You’re #1!”

“You sure are a good actor and writer. I think the books you have written are very good. I also think you have a very cool accent.”

“I am so glad that you came to our school. I really liked the way you talked to us.”

“Thanks so much for a great visit. You’re a great author.”

“I like how you wrote the book. It would be great if they made a movie out of it.”

“I hope you write more books for everyone to enjoy.”

“Its not often we get a really good author to come to our school and tell us about his books. I hope I’ll get to meet another relaxed amazing funny author like you.”

“Thank you Simon Rose. You inspired us to write a story like yours. Don’t forget the sequel!”

“I enjoyed your performance very much. You have a very interesting imagination. You are the best author that has come to our school.”

“Thank you Simon Rose for helping us make our very own story.”