Writing Historical Fiction Online Course


Learn How to Write Effective and Compelling Historical Fiction

Historical fiction combines the events of the past with characters and stories from the writer’s imagination.

This course examines the art of writing historical fiction and the need to fully immerse yourself in a particular time period to make your storytelling more believable. Learn how to write effective, authentic and appealing historical fiction and how to turn your ideas into compelling stories. Understand what defines historical fiction and different historical time periods, create believable settings and plausible characters and learn how research plays a crucial role in the creation of your novel.

The course involves assignments and writing exercises, and also deals with aspects of the writing process. The course also examines ways to research publishing houses where you can submit your work, cover letters, synopses and sample chapters.

All course materials, assignments, feedback, and assessments are sent to students by email.


Course Fee

$495, plus GST.

All fees are in Canadian dollars. Payments may be made by etransfer or by Paypal. Please contact me for further details. If you reside outside Canada and have any questions regarding taking the course, please contact me directly.

Course Content

Details of the course content, including all reading materials, assignments, and schedules can be found here. Course materials including details of assignments and deadlines will be sent to students on the first day of each week of the course

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Understand the nature of historical fiction, historical eras, and history fact and fiction

Understand the fundamentals of writing historical fiction


Recognize how different historical periods are categorized

Turn your ideas into stories

Create realistic characters and dialogue for your chosen era

Choose the most appealing historical settings for your readers

Create fictional events within an authentic factual setting

Understand the need for outlines, planning, editing, and revision

Understand the importance of research

Create great beginnings and pace your story

Research ways in which to submit your work to publishers



The Time Traveler’s Guidetime-travelers-guide-front

The Time Traveler’s Guide examines the writing of time travel stories and historical fiction. Books always transport us to other places, especially stories involving time travel or those set in different historical eras.

The book examines the definition of time travel and historical fiction, the creation of time machines, methods and devices, selecting historical eras and settings, and creating characters and crafting dialogue. The book also explores common issues with time travel stories, and the importance of research, plausibility, description, and plot, along with writing about time travel into the future, alternate history, and parallel universes.

The Time Traveler’s Guide is an excellent resource for those writing time travel or historical fiction stories for both children and adults.