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These four writer’s guides offer invaluable tips and advice for both aspiring and established authors in all genres.

The Children’s Writer’s Guide examines working as an author for children and young adults. Topics include getting started as a writer, dealing with writer’s block, where ideas come from and how writers turn them into stories, choosing names for characters, the importance of revision, writing science fiction and fantasy, the use of magic in stories for children, author visits to schools and libraries, and marketing and promotion.

The Children’s Writer’s Guide 2 further explores working as an author for children and young adults. Topics include writing what you know, creating characters and dialogue, the importance of book covers, age levels and word counts, study guides, the value of blogging, networking and writers groups, and submitting your work to publishers.

The Time Traveler’s Guide is an excellent resource for those writing time travel or historical fiction stories for both children and adults. Topics include defining time travel and historical fiction, imagining time machines, methods and devices, historical eras and settings, creating characters and dialogue, plausibility, description, and plot, the importance of research, issues with time travel stories, time travel into the future, alternate history and parallel universes, and more.

The Working Writer’s Guide examines the professional life of those who have chosen to pursue writing as a career. Topics include book sales and royalties, teaching and workshops, coaching and editing, business and technical writing, websites and social media, public speaking and events, and more.

What they’re saying about The Writer’s Guides.

“Writing for children is a marathon, not a sprint. Great quote from the book that is oh so true! The Children’s Writer’s Guide is written with every writer in mind. It won’t matter if you are beginning your career or if you have some years under your belt.”

“The Children’s Writer’s Guide 2 offers some good advice that would enable any writer to improve their craft. It’s certainly worth looking at if you want to write books for children. Simon Rose is a very experienced writer, with a wealth of knowledge. The answers to your writing questions may just lie in this book. Check it out!”

“This little gem covers everything from how the character moves across time frames, to advice on researching and a whole lot more. It is certainly worth reading, even if time travel is not your thing. The Time Traveler’s Guide is a great resource for any writer wanting to improve their craft.”

“In his book, The Working Writer’s Guide, Simon takes the reader/writer through many possible means of making money and making a career out of writing …A great resource for beginning and established writers.”

Release Date: September 2018

ISBN: 978-1999466312 (Ebook)

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