Comics and Superheroes

The Emerald CurseSources of Inspiration

Comics and superheroes were a great source of inspiration for me when writing The Emerald Curse.

It’s difficult to describe just how important superheroes and their comic book adventures were to me while growing up. I was completely immersed in those stories – swinging high above the streets of New York City, flying off to defeat super villains intent on destroying the world, traveling back and forward in time or to the edge of the galaxy. At first I read comics published by both Marvel and DC Comics, but it was the Marvel Comics heroes and their amazing universe which soon captivated me.

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These pages have a great collection of Marvel Comics covers. Many of the comics depicted here are ones that I read while growing up.
Avengers                                                     Daredevil                                                     Fantastic Four
Spider-Man                                                 The Hulk                                                      Captain America
Iron Man                                                      The Mighty Thor                                          X Men
Here are the main Marvel Comics and DC Comics sites and here’s a comprehensive index of comic covers for DC Comics. While less of an influence than Marvel, I still followed the adventures of the DC heroes such as Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, the Justice League and many others.