“Review by my 10-year old daughter. I am so happy she has found Simon Rose’s books. She loves them all.

This book was great, I liked the science parts and learning about clones. I read this book twice, I liked it so much. Then I lent it to my brother to read and he read it twice as well. This is the first book that I read by Simon Rose, and I couldn’t wait to read more!”

Amazon, August 2016

“Smart kids outwit evil scientists in this mini-science fiction thriller dealing with clones, implanted embryos and personality downloads. As long as they realize this science IS fiction, kids can enjoy the fast-paced action – each little chapter a real cliff-hanger.” Victoria Times Colonist

“The Clone Conspiracy definitely finds its mark … Rose has done a magnificent job with this fast paced medical science mystery.” Manitoba Library Association

“This 88 page novel will appeal to boys who like a good mystery – with a twist!” CanLit for Kids

“… a must-read dedicated to unravelling the mystery surrounding human cloning, brain transplants and clandestine laboratories.” The Calgary Herald

“… an exciting story, especially for reluctant boy readers.” The Georgia Strait

“With all the news about genetic engineering currently in the media, this story will appeal to today’s young readers … The action is fast paced and scary enough to keep readers hanging on to every word.” Children’s Literature Review

“These three mid-grade adventures, two fantasy and one science fiction, will keep any self-respecting adventure fan glued to their chair and turning pages. Fast-paced, good tension and a satisfying ending are becoming Simon Rose’s hallmarks. He has a finely balanced sense of pacing, knowing exactly when to crank the tension to keep the pages turning. In very few words, he can evoke the feeling of an era, and make the reader feel as though they are there with the main character. Boys and girls, and adults will enjoy all three of the books, and come back to read them again.” Smartwriters on The Clone Conspiracy, The Sorcerer’s Letterbox and The Alchemist’s Portrait

Reader Comments

“I thought it was AWESOME!”

“You have to read this! It’s a must read. Seriously!”

“It’s a real page turner.”

“The Clone Conspiracy rules.”

‘I loved the book. Can’t wait until you write your next story.”

“I just finished the Clone Conspiracy, even though I just got it today. I couldn’t put it down! It was great!”

“I really loved The Clone Conspiracy.”