“This is a great book for kids who like both fantasy and history … Rose includes terrific details from 1483 (all the while keeping the language accessible for young readers) that might just inspire kids to check out some history books from the library. An entertaining read, with a great feel-good twist at the end.” Cincinnati Family Magazine

“As with the best timeslip fantasy, the author’s obvious zest for interesting historical detail is transformed into both a compelling story and an exciting adventure … a delightful book, and one that has a rightful place in every library in the country.” University of Manitoba CM Magazine

“The Sorcerer’s Letterbox is a great introduction to the works of Simon Rose. In today’s time Jack responds to Edward V from 1483 thanks to a Letterbox. Before long Jack is transported back into that time and faces the perils of London in that time frame. Rose manages to capture the feel of that period and manages to capture the reader’s imagination through the adventures Jack has in his and that time. I really enjoyed how Rose solved the mystery of the prince in the tower and I like how he managed to tie it all together with Jack himself, and that uncanny appearance. This is the kind of book I’d give to a younger reader. All in all, I enjoyed it.” Amazon

“Simon Rose has managed to deliver another satisfying read with The Sorcerer’s Letterbox” The Calgary Herald

“Intended for children, this book will also be enjoyed by all grown up fans of Harry Potter” Avenue Magazine

“A well-written, suspenseful time travel story sure to keep readers engaged till its very clever ending.” BC Parent

“The Sorcerer’s Letterbox convinces readers they’ve actually lived and breathed in a historical time and place.” Alberta Views

“These three mid-grade adventures, two fantasy and one science fiction, will keep any self-respecting adventure fan glued to their chair and turning pages. Fast-paced, good tension and a satisfying ending are becoming Simon Rose’s hallmarks. He has a finely balanced sense of pacing, knowing exactly when to crank the tension to keep the pages turning. In very few words, he can evoke the feeling of an era, and make the reader feel as though they are there with the main character. Boys and girls, and adults will enjoy all three of the books, and come back to read them again.”
Smartwriters on The Sorcerer’s Letterbox, The Alchemist’s Portrait and The Clone Conspiracy.

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