Super Scavenger Search

The questions below are related to all of my books and the answers can be found in many different places throughout my website. The Super Scavenger Search can serve as a means to introduce me to students in the weeks prior to an author visit, but can also be used as a fun exercise for all to enjoy.

  • Who published Flashback, Twisted Fate, and Future Imperfect?
  • What event did Simon attend in April 2017?
  • What award nominations did The Sorcerer’s Letterbox receive?
  • Which book was shortlisted for the Alberta Book Publishing Awards Book of the Year for Children and Young Adults in 2016?
  • Who are the two main characters in The Sphere of Septimus?
  • Which book was described by one reader as “a real page turner”?
  • Who were the five kings of England in the fifteenth century at the end of the Middle Ages?
  • Which artist painted The Laughing Cavalier?
  • Which review states that “Shadowzone is the first book in a series and I guarantee you will be racing towards the second”?
  • What are the names of Simon’s two online courses?
  • Where does the adventure take place in The Sphere of Septimus?
  • Which marine mammal did Simon write a book about?
  • Who called The Clone Conspiracy a “fast paced medical mystery”?
  • Which books explores the writing of time travel stories and historical fiction?
  • What is the name of the painting on which The Alchemist’s Portrait cover is based?
  • The civil wars in medieval England are known as The Wars of the what?
  • Which book provides suggestions and recommendations for teachers developing classroom projects?
  • How many books are in the Shadowzone series?
  • When was Future Imperfect published?
  • How many books are in the series entitled The Myth and Science of Astronomy?
  • Simon has a degree in what subject?
  • Which review states that “I would highly recommend going on the adventure in Twisted Fate with many twists and turns”?
  • In The Doomsday Mask, what was the name of the high priest of Atlantis?
  • Which magazine said that The Sorcerer’s Letterbox “will also be enjoyed by all adult fans of Harry Potter”?
  • What is the name of the villain in The Alchemist’s Portrait?
  • What were the names of the two most famous imposters of the Princes in the Tower?
  • Who said that “Flashback is an action-packed adventure perfect for middle grade readers”?
  • Which novel did The Bookmark say “will keep the reader spellbound”?
  • How many comic book covers appear on the Comics and Superheroes page?
  • Animal Caretaker is part of what series?
  • Where are the bones of The Princes in the Tower now kept?
  • In which battle was King Richard III of England killed?
  • In what year does The Heretic’s Tomb take place?
  • Who was the king of England at the time of the Black Death?
  • Which books take place in a dark version of Earth doomed by the effects of environmental catastrophe?
  • What ancient civilization is featured in the storyline of The Doomsday Mask?
  • In The Time Camera, who died in an explosion at a research laboratory?
  • The quote “Simon Rose’s The Children’s Writer’s Guide is the perfect handbook to take you from finding a unique, untold story of your own, to launching your published work in bookstores,” appears in which review?


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