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Dark Roasted Blend is among the finest locations online where you’re always guaranteed to find the weird, the wonderful, the bizarre and the fantastic, crammed with fascinating articles, stunning photography, plus fabulous new content which appears daily.

Here you can check out all my articles at Dark Roasted Blend on a wide range of fascinating and intriguing topics.


Adorable Pedal Cars                                                   Bizarre Buses

Cinerama: The Next Big Thing That Was                    Huge Semi-Submersible Ships

Awesome Armoured Trains                                         Strange Deep-Sea Diving Suits

The Golden Age of Cigar Box Art                                Bumper Cars

Strange Eye Exam Charts                                           Futuristic Aircraft

Fictional Currency and Imaginary Money                    Drinking of Absinthe: Dancing with the Green Fairy

Vintage Armoured Cars                                               Drink Stirrers and Cocktail Sticks

Totalitarian Architecture of the Soviet Union               Marvelous Maps 3

Peculiar Postage: Unusual Stamps 2                          Awesome Car Hood Ornaments 2

Pipe Dreams: The Art of the Hookah                           Ice and Snow Vehicles Retro Showcase

Unusual, Intriguing Water Towers                                Giant Robots

Fascinating Matchbook Art 2                                        Monster Machinery

Unusual Coins and Currency 2                                    Unusual Bridge Sculptures

Huge Airborne Aircraft Carriers                                    Awesome Vintage Calculators

Olympic Flame Torches and Cauldrons                       Awesome Vintage Ambulance Cars

Land Speed Record Vehicles 1: The Pioneers            Land Speed Record Vehicles 2: Jet Propulsion 

The History of Hydrofoils                                              Precariously Leaning Towers

Historic Water Pumps                                                   Fascinating Matchbook Art

Vintage Ice Cream Trucks                                            The Other Space Race

The World’s Largest Ship Propellers                            Perpetuum Mobile: The Search for Perpetual Motion

Unique Sidecars Showcase                                         Mega Dashboards and Instrument Panels Part Two

Intricate Ship Sterns: Art on the Ocean                       Gargoyles and Grotesques Part Two

Awesome Car Hood Ornaments                                  Vintage Arcade Machine Showcase

Spectacular Cog Railways                                           Intricate Pulpits: Stunning Examples of Religious Art

Unusual Musical Instruments                                      Cramped Efficiency: Inside a Submarine

Ship Figureheads: Symbols of the Sea                       Amazing Automatons: Robots & Victorian Androids

Magnificent Motorcycles Part Two                               The Origin of Symbols: Fun Facts, Art & Photography

Gargoyles and Grotesques Part One                          Mega Dashboards and Instrument Panels Part One

Propaganda Posters of World War Two                      Unsung Heroes: Vintage Garbage and Sanitation Trucks

A Round-up of Unusual Globes                                   Funny Money: Unusual and Fascinating Currency

The World’s Strongest Drinks                                      Unusual and Marvelous Maps Part Two

Vintage Construction Toys                                           Magnificent Motorcycles Part One

Flags of Forgotten Countries Part Two                        Peculiar Postage: Unusual Stamps

Where’s My Jetpack?                                                   The Extraordinary World of Ex-Libris Art

Future Plate Tectonics                                                  Britain’s Colourful Pub Signs Part Two

Unusual and Marvelous Maps Part One                      Flags of Forgotten Countries Part One

Britain’s Colourful Pub Signs Part One                        Wonder Weapons of World War Two

Cheers to Beers                                                            One in a Million Collisions

Real Life Spy Gadgets                                                 Totalitarian Architecture of the Third Reich


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