A Choose Your Path Collection Descends Readers into Konn Lavery’s Macrocosm

For this blog post, I welcome Canadian fantasy and horror author Konn Lavery. We last had Konn on the blog in 2017. Since then, he has expanded his work under what he calls the Macrocosm. This superverse houses his previous and future writings to continually grow the shared universe.

Konn Lavery is a graphic designer by trade which supports his fascination with transmedia storytelling. He has been recognized by Edmonton’s top five bestseller charts, reviewers such as Readers’ Favorite, Literary Titan, and award programs such as indieBRAG, The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Literary Titan, and Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards. His work has also been curated into the Edmonton Public Library’s Capital Press collection.

Let’s learn more about his latest release, Beyond the Macrocosm and what transmedia storytelling is.

Thank you for joining us, Konn. Tell us about Beyond the Macrocosm.

Thanks for having me back, Simon! Beyond the Macrocosm is the second standalone short story collection I have released. The first one was Into the Macrocosm. Both collections house a range of short stories from horror, to fantasy, to scifi. All of them share the common foundation of dark themes and dread. They also include an overarching storyline connecting the shorts.

Beyond the Macrocosm takes it one step further by including an interactive component. This choose your path book lets the reader decide where the story goes by exploring the Macrocosm. The overarching storyline is told in the second person, where you, the reader, have to solve a riddle to break the time loop and save the Macrocosm.

Most of the shorts themselves have originally been published on my Patreon. They take you into a fantasy-rich past with reptilians and paladins; fast-forward to the future with DNA-shifting robbers, or witness the modern world of gritty horrors.

That’s quite a lot! What made you want to write an interactive book?

I’ve wanted to tell a choose your path story for a long time. In another life, I have made RPG games in various game engines and enjoyed letting readers take control of the story. Tying the interactive component into a short story collection was an exciting challenge that seemed to be the next logical step for the Macrocosm series.

What makes you say that?

Into the Macrocosm was a linear storyline, like most books. It breaks the fourth wall while respecting the short stories as their own. The sequel for the collection really needed to push the boundaries of the first, taking readers to where they have never been before. Thus, interactivity was the next reasonable step in this theme.

Do readers have to read the first collection before Beyond the Macrocosm?

No, they don’t. That’s the beauty of the Macrocosm series; they compliment the universe but are meant to shine on their own. Into the Macrocosm is free for people to snag in an ebook if they’d like.

Care to share what Transmedia Storytelling is?

Most people are familiar with transmedia storytelling, whether they know it or not. It is the method of telling a larger story through various media, complimenting the main arc. For example, Star Wars or Star Trek have comics, board games, movies, TV shows, etc. It’s a lot more challenging to do without the budget of a massive company, but it is doable.

With my writing, this is seen through novel scores, artwork, supporting Wiki, and the books themselves. Most of it I do myself with the graphic design background and interest in music. However, I have collaborated with illustrators and musicians in the past.

What’s next for you and the Macrocosm?

New short stories are released monthly as part of my Patreon, eventually leading to a third collection of the Macrocosm. In addition, I am working on a new novel series with the first book 90% complete the first draft. Its working title is Crystal Moths: Ash Series Book 1. The series functions like Stephen King’s Dark Tower in that the storyline ropes all previous books into one straightforward story. It’s a dark urban fantasy with old world mythos, gangsters, and conspiracies brought to life.

Thank you for joining us, Konn! Tell us where people can find your work.

Thanks again for having me, Simon! Beyond the Macrocosm is currently available on all distributors.

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