The Stone of Zalgor with Cassa Musical Arts

I’ve been involved with Cassa Musical Arts for a number of years now and this year I’m writing the script and working with the composer for the Musical Theatre Camp. This year’s musical is an epic fantasy tale entitled The Stone of Zalgor.

Centuries ago, the Stone of Zalgor, a magical gemstone with incredible powers, served as a symbol of unity for the numerous kingdoms of a fantasy universe before a period of civil war that seemed as if it would never end. Now the marriage of Prince Tobias of Karonoda and Princess Altina of Tokora, with the blessing of the stone, will unify all the kingdoms and usher in a period of lasting peace.

However, when the wizard Kolkan steals the stone, he has plans to use its power to take over the newly unified kingdom for himself. Tobias and Altina must embark on a dangerous quest to recapture the stone and defeat Kolkan. Their magical journey features pirates, dragons, amazon warriors and more, culminating in a dramatic battle with Kolkan and his minions, with the fate of the world in the balance.

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