Konn Lavery’s Free Newsletter Exclusive Dark Fantasy Novel: World Mother Ascension

Today, my guest is Canadian author Konn Lavery. We had him on the blog last year for his novel, Crystal Moth Conspiracy. He talked about writing a prequel in that interview. This dark fantasy novel is it.

Welcome back, Konn. Tell us about your new novel, World Mother Ascension.

Thanks for having me, Simon! A quick one-sentence pitch would be:

The last balancer of the Grove, Synarion, must stop the queen of vampires and her blood cult from summoning the apocalypse through Mother Nature’s wrathful twin sister, who claims Earth and its creatures belong to her.

This is a Newsletter-Exclusive Ebook. How do new readers get it?

I’ve always wanted to have an ebook available only to newsletter subscribers, the superfans, and this was the perfect book for people new to my work.

It’s easy to get right now. Sign up for my newsletter at: You’ll get an opt-in email, click it, and download the ebook. I also email you two more novels as part of The Macrocosm Intro Collection.

The novel is also available in print.

Talk about the characters. Who is the hero, the villain?

The hero of the novel is Synarion, who is the last balancer in the world, and of his people. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. His long life gives him a unique view of the planet, which makes him appear unsympathetic to people. He’s haunted by his own past relationship with the vampire queen.

Valturus, the queen of vampires, is the main villain in the story. She allies with Mother Nature’s twin sister and wishes to bring Earth into a new era where her kind can rule. She also struggles with her emotions for him.

How did you come up with this story?

All of my work fits within The Macrocosm, a superverse spanning across time and space. This book originated from a pivotal event in my occult horror novel Cultivate: Seed Me Relapse Edition. It sparked questions for readers. Also, Crystal Moth Conspiracy takes place after Cultivate.

Spoiling nothing, we needed an explanation. The plots of World Mother Ascension and Cultivate run parallel, both exploring the same events in Edmonton, Alberta, but with different main characters. Keeping both books aligned with the Macrocosm’s events proved to be an enjoyable challenge.

What was your favourite scene to write in World Mother Ascension?

That’s tough. The entire book was a fun case study for Synarion. I deep dove into his psyche and built a deep mythos for the universe. I think my favourite scene is when Bark Nose shares the Mother Nature and World Mother legend with Synarion.

Who does the artwork?

I’m a big fan of transmedia storytelling, which encompasses multiple mediums to tell a bigger story. I’ve worked with illustrators in the past. For this novel, I tackled the cover and interior artwork. The cover is a pure digital painting and the interior work is mixed media photo collages.

And what’s next for you?

I am working on Ash Born Book 2, the sequel to Crystal Moth Conspiracy. I have a horror novel in the second draft, and a short story coming out in the future.

Where can readers discover you?

My newsletter is a great way to strike up a conversation or to keep tabs on my work and get exclusive access to stories, The Macrocosm Wiki, and voting privileges on book titles and characters. Also, to get that Macrocosm Intro Collection.

You can find my work on my website at, where I have the novels, short story collections, anthologies I am in, and audiobooks.

If people want to interact with me, I am active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thanks for having me again! Cheers to writing.

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