The Future is Now Online Workshop

The Clone Conspiracy

Create Your Own Futuristic Technology

In these workshops you’ll imagine future technological developments that could transform our way of life, before designing a magazine or newspaper advertisement, as well as a TV commercial, for your products.

These could be related to transportation, the military, medical, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, habitat, or even household appliances. You’ll also imagine yourselves living in this incredible environment and create a journal describing a typical day in the future.


After emailing me your first assignment, this will be returned with comments and recommendations. Other assignments will follow via email for the duration of the coaching process.

  • The future that wasThe Time Camera
  • New inventions from the past
  • The shape of things to come
  • Invent your product
  • Magazine and newspaper advertising
  • Create a TV commercial
  • Your daily journal of life in the future
  • Ask the author – Question and answer with your writing instructor


The process

You can start the set of workshops at any time. After you register for a workshop, you will receive your assignments via email. You complete the assignments at your own pace and send them to me by return email. There is no time limit and you may take as long as you wish to complete your full set of projects.

Workshop fee

$350, plus GST.

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All fees are in Canadian dollars. If you reside outside Canada and have any questions regarding taking the workshop, please contact me directly.


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