The Children’s Writer’s Guide

“This is by far the best book I have picked up to help me kick start my writing!”

The Children’s Writer’s Guide 2

“The Children’s Writer’s Guide 2 by Simon Rose is a tremendously worthwhile read when you are a writer and want to keep improving.”

The Time Traveler’s Guide

“This is a unique book, overall, and I recommend it to writers and those interested in methods of time travel in general.”

The Working Writer’s Guide

“This is certainly a good resource for writer’s looking to advance their career.”

Where Do Ideas Come From?

“This is a great teacher’s resource, but it is also a useful guide for other authors of young people’s literature. The idea of creating a learning guide for young people’s books is truly inspired.”

The Social Media Writer’s Guide

“The internet can be a powerful promotional tool and, following Simon’s suggestions and guidelines, a professional copywriter can certainly improve his/her skills. A good resource.”

Exploring the Fantasy Realm

“This is not a writing guide, but more of an overview of the elements of fantasy writing. I would recommend it to those interested in learning more about writing in the fantasy genre, however, as it does provide information that is useful in the writing process.”

School & Library Visits for Authors & Illustrators

“Simon leads the writer through all the possibilities and options and ways to optimize each potential interaction with young readers, be it in a school, a library or virtually. A very useful guide.”