Crowfoot 2 June 15Is there a book that you desperately want to write? Maybe you’re an expert in your field, well respected by colleagues, who are all convinced that you should become an author. Yet there’s no time in your busy schedule to actually sit down and write.

Perhaps you’re a performer or artist, eager to commit your experiences to paper? Or you have a great idea for a self-help book, a how-to manual, a cookery book, a tourism or restaurant guide? Or are you wanting to write your autobiography or the biography of someone else in your family?

I’m available for ghostwriting in a wide range of genres, including the arts, biographies, business, children/YA/ teen fiction and non-fiction, food, history, historical fiction, fantasy, health, how-to/self-help, humor, inspirational, memoir, military, multicultural, music, mystery, nature, parenting, pets, picture books, culture, romance, science fiction, sports, travel and more.

Whatever the subject, fiction or non-fiction, for adults or for children, I’m available for collaboration on your next project.

References and Recommendations

“Can you imagine my frustration at incubating a really good idea for a historical novel for twelve years?! Research is my comfort zone so that’s where I had stayed. My inner editor criticized any glow and banished it from all my creative writing attempts. I simply could not write this novel. Then I met Simon at a literary event. He introduced himself as an author, editor, teacher, and writing coach. We agreed to weekly sessions to coach me in writing this historical novel. The effects were immediate and continue to yield results, giving me practical tools to organize my thoughts and research, as well as fueling my creativity to write. We set achievable weekly goals and then meet to discuss the progress that I have made. Knowing that he will also check in with me via email throughout the week keeps this project on the tip of my brain and prevents procrastination. I left the first session actually believing that I can write this novel…and I am!”

Annette Meeuwse – Editor, writer, philosopher

“I highly recommend Simon Rose as an editor and as a coach. Not only did Simon fix the grammatical errors and awkward sentences in my manuscript, but he also pointed out when more details were required, when my timeline needed correcting, and when something didn’t seem plausible. Simon also provided regular encouragement throughout this creative process – checking in regularly, and providing guidance and support even after the manuscript was completed and I began submitting to publishers.”

Lara Malmqvist

“Simon worked with me on two projects as both an editor and mentor. I was impressed with the timely, constructive and insightful feedback he provided. He answered all of my questions fully and provided lots of encouragement. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone in need of a professional editor, and to anyone wanting to work with a positive, knowledgeable writing coach.”

Amy Dennis

“Struggle no longer! Everyone needs a coach and mentor – and writers are no exception. Simon’s style, equal parts professional and personable, will help you reach your writing goals. When I wanted to write a series of children’s books, Simon worked with me to refine my voice, create compelling characters and be continuously responsive to my audience. His support was invaluable to me. I highly, highly recommend his services.”

“Simon Rose continues to provide for me excellent editing, as well as superb mentoring/coaching services. He provides professionalism and a team atmosphere that easily lends to the creation of quality books, aimed aptly at target audiences.”

Stella Constance, Writer

Jennifer Sanford

You can view a selection of the books that I’ve worked on with other authors on the Editing Projects page.

I offer both hourly rates and flat fees, based on the requirements of the project. Please contact me directly for rates and fees for ghostwriting.