Editing Projects

I’ve provided substantive and copy editing services for many other writers over the years. This has been for novels, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, biographies, inspirational books and many other genres.

The editing has involved a comprehensive content assessment, including comments and suggestions regarding characterization, setting, dialogue, believability, structure, plot, and language, in addition to corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation and many other details that writers are sometimes unaware of. Some of the work has subsequently been self-published by the authors or submitted to publishing houses and I’m pleased to have been part of the process to bring these projects to life.



The Shadows of the Aeons

The history of the future depends on the warriors of time that must first rescue the future of the past. History just got interesting. The Order of Time has been twisted and the fabric of reality is torn when a sadomasochist fiend known as Das Fuhrer gains immense power and has shrouded the lands in darkness and intends to rule the celestial orb known as The Earth. Blinded by the Darkness, the Immortals of Olympus, led by Lord Zeus, are forced to make their boldest decision ever. They dispatch their greatest champion of justice, Lord Herc, to the celestial orb to aid the the Earth Dwellers in order to return what now is to what always should have been. Welcome to the Shadows of the Aeons.



2120208417Our Time to Say Goodbye

In September of 2014, to rid himself of the enormous grief that he experienced after the death of his loving wife of fifty-eight years, 81 year old Ron Freckleton decided he would write an account of the final days of their loving partnership. The essay was intended to circulate between family and friends to help them understand the love this couple had for each other and of the desolate, all consuming sadness that he felt when she passed. Reflecting on the many happy memories that he had related to his Joanie as her life faded away in those final sixty-one hours, Ron experienced a huge cathartic reaction and decided to write of their whole wonderful life together. The couple travelled extensively but spent the major portion of their married life in Calgary, Alberta, Canada



51eAmt-t4AL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Helix: Plague of Ghouls

Ishmael took something more dangerous than refugees out of that quarantine, but it’s nothing compared to what awaits outside. Because of his crimes, his breech of quarantine, and his new and worrisome symptoms, Ishmael and his rescued Pack are pariahs among werewolves, loathed, and under constant suspicion.

And yet, when bodies turn up in small-town Ontario, the Wyrd Council splits up Ishmael’s Pack and sends him to investigate. He’s hurried away from the safety and isolation of Varco Lake, and thrust into an anxious, tightly-knit community full of surveillance cameras, cell phones, and bad memories. Just when he grasps the enormity of the disaster waiting for him in Halo County, Ishmael realizes what’s in his blood, and where it really came from.

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PrintMayan – Atlantis Returns by Neil Enock

Neil Enock is an author, actor, screenwriter, filmmaker and creator/host of the million+ viewed TrainTalk.TV iTunes podcast. Neil tells original stories in everything he does from his written work to his hand-made cribbage boards.

Neil Enock’s second novel is an epic tale of ancient civilizations and the return of a legendary city. More that 5,000 years after they began planning for their voyage, the inhabitants of the Mayan and Minoan ship Atlantis returns to recolonize the world, after skipping ‘the end’ in 2012. There’s just one small problem…we’re still here!

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Doc Christmas by Neil Enock

While trains have been a part-time hobby since he was a boy, in his first novel, Doc Christmas, Neil gives trains the full-time leading role in making Christmas happen. When not writing, Neil can be most often found on one side of the camera or the other, filming something around Calgary with some or all of his family in tow.

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12208588_173568212990024_6187737043184133122_nThe Fountain by Suzy Vadori

Suzy Vadori lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband and three children and is very involved in the local writing community.

Currently, she is the Program Manager, Young Adult/Children’s Programming for When Words Collide (WWC), an annual literary festival held in Calgary each August.

The Fountain is Suzy’s first Young Adult novel. Learn more about The Fountain and Suzy at




Emperor Norton’s Treasure Hunt by Shayne Durkin


Emperor Norton’s Treasure Hunt is a real life adventure set in the City by the Bay when the American Dream was wide awake. The story takes place in 1955, the year that the San Francisco Chronicle launched this phenomenal promotion to win the city’s infamous newspaper wars.

Full of fun and fantastical elements, ENTH is a joy to read. Complete with King FuzzBuzz the singing spider monkey, a zonkey named George Washington the Fifth, a pair of Macaws, and an adorable baby seal named Trumpet, this story keeps surprising with every turn. The zoo animals try to thwart a thief who tries to steal Emperor Norton’s treasure, while unaware journalists, zoo employees, and the citizens of San Francisco all join forces to help in this historical treasure hunt.




Capable You by Evaline Aboka41lnMFsP+bL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

Capable You is a self help book encouraging individuals to let go of mediocrity and start experiencing all-round success in their lives.

Everline Aboka is an author, accredited speaker and coach on affirmations and visualizations, self-awareness, integrity, positive thinking, self-esteem, success, dreams, destiny, compassion, passion, optimism, talent utilization, fashion and modelling, child protection, courage, forgiveness, communications, social values and philanthropy.