In addition to my novels and books, I’ve also written a number of screenplays for clients and created adaptations of my own work.


I’ve completed screenplays for some of my published work. All my novels have dramatic potential for motion pictures, television, online media, or animation, with some featuring topics that have wide audience appeal.

Flashback involves psychics, ghosts, and paranormal phenomena, all of which continue to be popular topics with filmmakers and audiences. Two sequels to Flashback will also be published in 2017, offering even more dramatic potential for the story.

The Emerald Curse involves Sam’s adventures in a strange comic book world and could easily be the basis for an ongoing animated series. Movies and TV shows featuring superhero characters are very much with us and show no sign of disappearing anytime soon.

The Sorcerer’s Letterbox and The Heretic’s Tomb are both time travel stories set in the medieval period, an era that continues to be popular with viewers and one that has inspired numerous movies and TV shows in recent years, including Game of Thrones and Vikings.

The Sphere of Septimus takes place in a fantasy universe called Koronada, with its own history, inhabitants, and legends. The fantasy genre shows no signs of diminishing in popularity and The Sphere of Septimus and its sequels would have excellent dramatic potential.

The Alchemist’s Portrait is a thrilling adventure involving time travel through the frame of a mysterious painting. A number of different historical periods feature in the novel as Matthew struggles against an evil and powerful alchemist.

Screenplay services

I offer consulting and scriptwriting services for clients seeking to expand their initial idea into a marketable script. I work in all genres and for all age groups.

I also work with existing scripts that require editing, polishing, and refinements to make them more appealing to investors and producers.


Options are available to purchase for those interested in exploring the adaptation of my novels for their own motion picture, television, online media, or animation projects.

Please contact me directly for further details, fees, and availability regarding screenplays, options, and screenplay services.

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