Blogs/Social Media

To ensure that you stay in the public eye, in addition to  promoting your own website, you need to pay attention to social media on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others. Since you need to focus on the business, why not hire an expert to take care of your social media accounts?

I provide writing services and create regular postings for your blog and social media pages, with fresh and updated content  designed to get you noticed.

  • Company News
  • Announcements
  • New Products and Services
  • Industry Developments
  • Special Offers

You can view just a few examples of social media postings from a wide range of industries here.

I offer both hourly rates and flat fees, based on the requirements of the project. Please contact me directly for rates and fees for copywriting for blogs and social media.

Social Media Guide frontThe Social Media Writer’s Guide

The Social Media Writer’s Guide examines the importance of engaging a professional writer to handle an organization’s website, social media, and business communications.

This book examines the creation of clear, concise, and relevant website and other online content that both attracts and retains the visitor’s attention.

It explores the use of headlines, the incorporation of keywords, the benefits of the correct use of English, the pitfalls of intentional and accidental errors, and the importance of engaging a professional copywriter to handle a company’s business communications.

The Social Media Writer’s Guide is available as both an ebook and a paperback on Amazon.